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It's also the recipient of all of Chevy's latest and greatest technology and features, including touch-sensitive climate, audio and drive controls, and an 8-year/100,000-mile warranty on its battery pack and associated electrics.
Other standard features include air conditioning, keyless access, power mirror/locks/windows, 110-volt charge cord, color-touch AM/FM/CD radio and 17-inch wheels.The cool-looking touch-sensitive buttons are a little tricky to identify and operate.Normal is the most efficient, Sport provides more direct accelerator response, Mountain helps the battery cope with extended steep grades and Hold runs only on the gas engine/generator, conserving battery charge for when it may be wanted (in town, for instance).Unlike the Toyota Prius Hybrid, which uses its gasoline engine to power the car and the electric drive as a supplement, the Volt runs purely on electric current.New features include lane-departure and collision-warning systems, and GPS-enabled navigation.This car is a blast to drive and costs very little to maintain.EPA city/highway fuel economy: 93 MPGe (all-electric, mpg equivalent 37 mpg (on gasoline engine/generator).This car is something else.I have owned 2 for the last the iconic discount code 50 6 years and have had many friends who bought them after.This extends the Volt's range an additional 300 miles or more.Lacquer Touch.I particularly like its quality.

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Using information supplied by your local electricity provider, you can program the Volt to start recharging its battery pack when rates are at their lowest.
Lacquer Touch Up Paint.
The new Hold mode is useful, for example, when driving on a freeway ked rewards kedplasma usa com heading into the city, where you'll want the full electric charge available.
2013 Chevrolet Volt 9,800.00, buy It Now or Best Offer.Lacquer Clear Coat Touch Up Paint.The interior is as nice as some.Have had no issues at all with this car.One of the best EVs you can get at this point.This is one of the most aerodynamic cars in when did spurs last win the fa cup GM's long and storied history.By clicking "I Agree" you are consenting to our.Even when you factor in the potential 7,500 federal tax credit, that pricing limits the Volt's appeal.