2015 nfl win loss records

The Chargers went 1-8 in close games last season and finished the year 5-11. .
"You are what your record says you are has some element of truth behind it, yet the phrase fails to tell the entire story.
Had they been able to carry over any first-half momentum into the second halves of games, not turned the ball over at an alarming rate in the red zone and had receivers who could catch a cold, they otherwise had the talent of a 5-11.
You can find out more about ANY/A here.The luckiest team in the league last year was the Dolphins, who received.1 points of "hidden" help.NFL Regular Season Win Totals Projections: Do you like to wager on how many games any given team will win overall?Pass rusher statistics Quarterback knockdowns Sacks are the most meaningful statistic used to judge pass-rushers, but they're too few and far between to be our only gauge.Judging players that way tends to be dangerous, which is why we generally discount stats like rushing and receiving touchdowns because of their year-to-year volatility.When Dak Prescott tosses a screen pass 1 yard downfield to Ezekiel Elliott and the latter jukes four defenders out before taking it to the house, it's debatable whether Prescott deserves 10 percent or 15 percent of the credit for the play.2017 impa ct: Despite receiving praise for his hot start, Carson Wentz had a dismal rookie season by ANY/A, ranking between Blake Bortles and Case Keenum at 27th among qualifying passers.Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.

This was arguably their best team in New Orleans, and it produced one of the best offensive seasons in history.
The range of air yards vpninja discount code per target for wide receivers varies from more than 16 yards per target (Jackson,.J.
3 seed in the NFC despite their 13-3 record, and lost at San Francisco in the divisional round in a game that included five turnovers.
If a quarterback is sixth in the league in QBR birthday gift ideas for your best female friend when he's not pressured but 29th in QBR when the defense is on him, I'm confident the game tape will back up the idea that he struggles more under pressure than most passers.
Football, locks.com is keeping subscription prices as low as possible to serve pool players seeking weekly pool predictions because we understand the size of bets in football pools may be smaller than the wagers gamblers may place on NFL spread predictions in Vegas.What passes for average in the modern game would've been deemed superstar numbers as recently as 25 years ago.1 Related, the most helpful element of dvoa is that you can split it all kinds of different ways to figure out, say, a team's performance on offense in the red zone or their defense on third down.Who knows what might have happened if the Saints' 13-3 record got them.He racked.5 sacks on just 16 knockdowns, and while he had several strip sacks that wouldn't count as knockdowns, it's extremely likely that his sack total will fall back to earth in his third season.It's bizarre that the Dolphins would be middling at special teams on the whole, but great at this single, seemingly uncontrollable element of the game.Teams with particularly good or bad marks during a year of one-score games are equally likely to be great or terrible in those games the following year.

In Cleveland, that's a win in and of itself.
The Jaguars, meanwhile, went 3-13 with the Pythagorean expectation of.9-win team.