308 win specs

Although the 168 grain BST is a stout bullet, it is still frangible and sears choice rewards travel therefore best suited to open country hunting.
Bore Groove Diameter:.308" /.82mm.
The 308 Winchester offers users rifle recoil that is quite tolerable when shooting 125-165 grain weight bullets.
Performance, the.308 is a highly effective medium game cartridge, supported by a huge range of ammunition and projectile designs that enable it to achieve optimum performance at varying ranges and on varying body weights.
Wounding is wide yet penetration is relatively deep.In truth, the 190 grain bullet weight is not well suited to long range hunting using the.308 and of the VLD line, the 175 and 185 grain bullets strike the balance, twist rate being the final deciding factor between the 168, 175 and 185 grain.Hornadys A-Max bullets are simply outstanding when used for hunting.The light weight 125 and 135 grain Sierra bullets can be used to create light recoiling loads, ideal for beginners.This rifle was used during the Malaysian Indonesia Conflict (1963-1966) when New Zealand soldiers entered the conflict in 1964.Win 748 ball powder is also very good, after all, it was designed for the.308 and short military barrels.The.S adopted the selective fire M14, finally tooling up for full production in 1957.308 Winchester TAP FPD Winchester SST Winchester GMX Winchester Interbond Superformance Winchester btsp Winchester SST Winchester SST Superformance Winchester A-Max Match Winchester bthp Steel Match Winchester OTM Match Winchester TAP FPD Winchester GMX Superformance Winchester Interbond Superformance Winchester Interlock btsp Winchester SST Superformance Winchester A-Max.

On October the 22nd 1941, the US Ordnance department approved and adopted the Winchester designed M1 Carbine, caliber.30 Carbine.
The Swift A-Frame.30 caliber bullets work very effectively in the.308.
The velocities listed below are averages and most rifles produce best accuracy at either the velocities listed or within 50fps of list velocities: Industry standard barrel lengths and average velocities Bullet weight 20 Tactical 22 Sporter 24 M24 Sniper Hunting projectiles from Sierra include, the.
The 308 Winchester offers very good hunting ballistics when hunting for; Bobcat - Cougar - Coyote Antelope - Hogs - Javelina Blacktail Deer - Mule Deer - Whitetail Deer Bears - Caribou - Elk - Moose - Sheep.
2,440 2,182.0 300 yds.The Swift range of bullets include the 150, 165 and 180 grain Scirocco bullets along with the 165, 180 and 200 grain A-Frame bullets.Path No At yards 10mphXwind Velocity Ft-lbs 1 300.The Hotcor expands readily, shedding back its frontal area very gradually rather than over expanding, yet does not suffer excessive weight loss, often retaining around 70 of its original weight.This became a very popular rifle with troops throughout the second world war, Korea and the early stages of the Vietnam war.The IB handles body weights up to 150kg, producing best performance inside 300 yards.

Cartridge Loaded Length:.810".
The 180 grain SST produces wide wounding on light through to large bodied medium game.