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Please, DON'T ever think that such a book gift hampers for new baby singapore under the title "360 Problems for Mathematical Contests" is only suitable for students preparing themselves to math contests, but also I highly recommend this book and all other books of Titu Andreescu and his colleagues to all.
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Natoal Lbrary of Romaa CIP Decrpto D 6 Prolem for Matematcal Cotet/ Ttu Andreesc, Dorn Andrca.
National Library of Romania CIP Description andh115L1,11L òbÜ Problems for Mathematical Contests/ Titu Andreescu, Dorin Andrica.
57 Chaptr 3 eoet 7Soution 5 Chaptr 4 tonoet.Titd andreescd dorin andrica 360 Problems for Mathematical Contests TlTL ADDhLL5CL DChlD ADDhlCA ó0 Froblomz for Mothomotlcol toatoztz LÜÏublÎ8bÎugMuu8c qgil Publishing House isbn Vò-V41-1Z-4 Jôü 1r0blcms l0ralhcmalicalL0nlcsls Hlh0rS ÏÌlun0rccvcu, I0rÌnn0rÌc0 Copyright T 2003 by Gil.;cm i o .17 Chaptr NUE TEO .TID anreescd orin anrica 360 Problems forMathematical ontests titu andreescu dorin andrica 360 ProblemsforMathematical Contests GI Publishing House GIL Publishing HouseSBN 74724 robls or Mthtl Cotsts iu du i di Copyrght 2003.Buy the Full Version, you're Reading a Free Preview, pages 138 to 144 are not shown in this preview.Zalau: Gil, 2003.( e-mail: wwwglro artrafcibris Calea erbanVodf 33,S.4d 70517bucretite:33629Fax:337 0735 tts foeo 3FO TE utos Chaptr LE 7Pro Soution.This book is intended to help students preparing for all rounds of Mathematical Olympiads or any other significant mathematics contest.360 Problems for Mathematical Contests.

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