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The length of the pin installed in the router adapter plate determines which part of the jig cut out you are going to be tracing.
These large pins will ride in guide cavity "3" of the plate.
Now remove the drill guide by first removing the four small screws that attach it to the side plates.
Place the 3/8" drilling bit completely in the guide hole and gifts for handyman dad 2017 then begin drilling.
Juggernaut Tactical just introduced their new Ultimate Jig.The optional drill and end mill set contains a 3/8 5/16" and 5/32" drill bit, 3/8" stop fantasy football cash prize ideas collar and proprietary 5/16" 3-flute end mill with a 1/4" shank (for standard 1/4" router collets).CNC-machined from solid aerospace billet aluminum.Note that the hole matches the end mill size so when you turn on the router it will want to jump a little and will likely contact the sides of the hole.5D Tactical also has some good videos on showing how to use their jig system and I highly recommend viewing them.After turning the router on I recommend doing a little enlarging of the hole at low speed before returning the end mill to the center of the hole and increasing the speed gradually to operating speed.Specifically it attaches at the rear extension of the receiver and the front pivot pin area of the receiver.

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You will need to purchase this end mill for this system.
Mill the hole slightly larger, return the end mill to the middle of the hole and then set the router to operating speed to finish milling the trigger slot.Switch to the 3/8" drill bit and do the same thing for the 3/8" selector hole.The Porter Cable PCE-6435 uses "method 2" which does use this block.With the router turned off, place the end mill into the 5/16" hole.This makes it compatible with more lower designs because there are fewer points of contact with the lower.First, you have to use the proprietary end mill for this kit.Set the depth of the end mill to full depth on gauge "3".For the most part all of them are specifically for either the AR-15 or AR-1o lowers and not both.Insert the end mill into the 3/8" drilled hole and repeat the same steps as you did for the first milling steps.