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Most of us would get a new dimension of thinking.
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The introduction of Word Juxtapoz has provided me with seemingly limitless resource from which I can pull humorous thoughts and activities, and helps the training stick for the students. .
Leena, Job Search Trainer, Australia I had an off-site Managers meeting with 9 managers.I used your free Word Juxtapoz PowerPoint slides as my ice breaker in two training sessions last week and the groups loved them. .Cahyo Setiyo, student, Indonesia Your five pawns promo code works have been a big help.The ice breakers created instant discussion and immediately put everyone at ease.Kim Ahmann, Consultant/Trainer, US As per my view, creativity IS THE mother OF invention.Elsbeth, Trainer, New Zealand, i do the 'icebreakers' at our Bible Study group every week.They really give my brain a good workout.I tried it with my class and now I have happy children when they leave school for home at the end of day.It is so much more effective!Norman Cordero, teacher, Philippines Your icebreakers will greatly help the speakers sustain the attention of their listeners.

I love the content!
Thanks a lot for sending interesting riddles, brain teasers and icebreakers.
So even 5 minutes spent on a physical energiser which although may refresh people but has no relevance to the topic under discussion won't go well with my audience.
Phan WY, engineer, Singapore I really enjoy and am inspired by the creative ideas behind each wacky brain teaser.I let my kids tried the fun loving puzzles and they love them!I joined a new company in the pharmaceutical industry in October and used your free Ice breakers during my first presentation.the rest is history.Daniel Goh, ITE, Singapore I'm a software engineer and after so many years in the profession, things do get stressful now and then.Word Juxtapoz has given me so many fantastic ideas that I can rely on to get the session off to a good start.Fun, mind-bending, clean, and so creative.Always look forward to what's new on your site!I stumbled on to your website and now I am armed with full of weapons for a more lively workshop.So I absolutely enjoy your site.It was really a pleasure.

Magali, ESL teacher, Argentina The ice-breakers are great, applicable to different age group and nationality.