A classic whiskey decanter never goes out of style.
Depending on the level of millennialism were talking about, you could opt for a unicorn flask.
But adding a manager to your Santa list may not be the best career move, and it could end up costing you more than you want to spend in this economy.
It just makes it seem like you are out of touch with the economic times.
Consider each of the scenarios below to be ones in which gifting booze is not only appropriate, but often especially welcome.Its a bonus if the booze can last beyond one day after opening, so that your boss has many occasions to enjoy it while pondering what a wonderful employee you are.When gifting alcohol, the main thing to keep in mind is the message you want to send with your gift.Try to give the gift one-on-one, in private, so the gift-giving doesnt appear overly showy or create an awkward scenario for either of you.To keep any gift-giving issues at bay, some firms have established Secret Santa or white elephant programs.Feeling obligated, comedian Shaun Eli vosges promo code free shipping Breidbart used to chip american express gold rewards airport lounge in with fellow workers to give a former boss a bottle of 100-plus Dom Perignon champagne every year, and the manager would reciprocate by giving them each a bottle of Veuve Cli"also champagne, but about.If so, that probably signifies that youre sane.Not sure what the boss likes to drink?And many managers say lavish gifts from workers put them in a bad position because they feel pressured to reciprocate but dont want to be perceived as showing favoritism.When its your birthday, what gifts mean the most to you?

You Work for Someone Who Self-Identifies as a Millennial.
Everyone is equal whether youre the receptionist, CEO, intern or designer.
Vintage sparkling wine is the gold standard.
A combination pitcher and watering can, it comes in a surprisingly neutral shade of mint.Alternatively, fill it with potted greenery or bulbous chrysanthemums.Employees thankful to still have jobs this holiday season may want to show their gratitude at work by giving a gift to the boss.Its the perfect way to demonstrate your excellent judgment without going overboard.Skimping seems unprofessional, yet overspending could give the impression that you dont need that raise you plan to solicit at your review next month.Any boss that expects a gift is not a good marvel no prize boss, he maintained.Can you say taboo?