Bastard Girlfriend : Towards Zack Ryder.
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Rage Quit : After losing the Diva's Championship on Raw's 20th Anniversary, she promptly left the WWE (in storyline only - in real life, she had given her notice to the company and was leaving to marry one of the Gracies of MMA fame).People sometimes forget about their defaults.Got shunted aside for Melina in 2010 and then for Kelly Kelly.Girl Next Door : Until she revealed to those couple Bella Twins that.Note, that we can credit your bali discount bras payment before it is actually received if you scan/printscreen a copy of the receipt provided by your bank.A much cheaper way for you to finally own a car and maybe pass it on to your children.Spicy Latina : A notable subversion.

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The Vamp but morphed into this during her tenure.Book-Ends : Her first singles match as part of the Smack Down brand was against Michelle McCool ; Eve lost.You are the master of your own happiness.Product Support, how to contact the manufacturer for warranty, technical and product support.Guess who was behind her the entire time.Submit your game here and who knows you could be 20.00 gifts for christmas famous!Sometimes a crossbody as well.A car lease is your next best bet.Since leaving wrestling she has ventured into acting, with a recurring role.Bait-and-Switch : One interview with Triple H had him strangely fixated on something on her chest area.

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