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Once inside the Privacy tab, tap on Clear browsing data (the large button at the bottom).
General advice, dont click on suspicious links, especially when youre on important sites like banking websites.
As long as you have a td banknorth visa gift card good backup strategy, you will never lose your data.
Or so we thought.
Scroll down and tap on Safari.Why are we showing these pop-ups?Our relationship with you is very important, and we are not keen to put you in a situation where your only options are to quit the application, or simply leave our site.Detailed steps to make the pop-ups go away.

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Why did you get this ad, and what does it mean?
If you visited m on a mobile device recently, you may have noticed a pop-up ad announcing that Youve been selected for a chance to get the 1,000 Amazon Gift Card, Apple iPhone X 256G or Samsung Galaxy S8!Your behavior goes a long way toward ensuring you dont get hacked.Safari for iOS: Launch the Settings app from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.If it seems too good to be true,.Always back up your devices using the 3-2-1 rule whenever possible.Never share passwords or other sensitive data through channels you arent sure about.

Chrome for iOS : Open Google Chrome on your iPhone or iPad, tap on the Triple Dot menu and click on History.
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