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All orders will be shipped out by the end of next week.If you have any other questions or need anything please feel free to reach out.All open Pre-orders are currently being carefully boxed up at our warehouse and logistics center.We understand everyone is excited to get their new Super Nt's, but please note that sending us repeated emails via customer support asking when your order will ship will not make your order move any faster.

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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is Nintendo's second home console, following the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
The custom jailbreak firmware will allow plaers to load ROMs from the SD Card slot, bypassing the need for the actual game cartridge.
Monkey see, monkey.We're getting orders shipped out as fast as we can and we appreciate your patience.R/snes 98, online, the largest active Super Nintendo community on the internet!Super NT founder Christopher Taber says that this is thanks to a proprietary chip that he says can run Nintendo's older games better than Nintendo's own.An email with a tracking # will be sent to you when your order ships out.Snes Classics are still reportedly rare to find out in the wild.We're very excited to get your new Super Nt dominos karratha vouchers in your hands and it'll be shipped out very soon.Thanks for your patience.For the Analogue Super NT, this presumably means that users can expand their library of snes games beyond their physical cartridge collection.

The, analogue Super NT is a premium emulation hardware that not only plays your physical snes cartridges, regardless or region, but upscales the games into HD resolution.