animal jam meet cosmo hard prizes

The Phantom Portal - The easy mode of this adventure won't give you good clothing items at the end, but hard mode can reward good clothing items at the end.
If you want to rxy cosmetics promo code be gifts for 14 old girl even quicker, keep doing Return of the Phantoms in easy mode as an arctic wolf or with one.
Base Camp is the main area for Animal Jam Adventures.Any adventure after The Phantom Portal and Return of the Phantoms will start to reward den items instead of clothing items, so it's best to do those first two adventures instead of the others.The testing period lasted until July 11, 2013, and had exclusive rewards for completing the adventures.Some adventures will have few chances at getting good items, but some have better chances. This time you have to go into the phantom hive and find the phantom king.2 Look at the instructions given to you.Adventures Beta, the Animal Jam Adventures Base Camp is a new area that was added to the game in June 2013.6 Ignore myths you hear about these adventures.Find someone who is hosting the adventure you'd like to join or ask someone to host that adventure for you.Here is a list of adventures that you can choose from in order to get good rewards: Return of the Phantoms - If you do this adventure in easy mode, you won't be able to get good clothing items at the end.

You can also gather your friends in your den so that you can all join and have them each turn a certain animal to open the animal passages.
For example, it may tell you to water plants, find corks, find keys, solve puzzles, etc.
RIM 1-2, rIMs, meet Cosmo Rewards (Normal Mode) Beehive Greenhouse Window Wall Garden Cosmo's Hammock 1-3 RIMs 1-3 RIMs 1-3 RIMs 1-3 RIMs Meet Cosmo Rewards (Hard Mode) Blue Glowing Mushrooms Cosmo's Stone Wall Boomseed Tree 2-3 RIMs 2-3 RIMs 3-4 RIMs The Hive Rewards.
Cave Crystals, portal Crystal, explorer Crate, phantom Pipe 2-3, rIMs 2-3, rIMs.An example of an adventure where you could do this is The Search for Greely in hard mode.If you don't want to wait for the prize at the end of an adventure, you could always just do an adventure where the animal passages are right at the beginning of the adventure. Help Cosmo find the missing koalas! The phantoms have trapped the dolphins in the deep blue and its joie coupon code 2016 up to you to save them!