A new mom needs an arsenal of weapons to neom travel candle gift set combat the new challenges she faces.
(Thanks to Jess from.
Bright Green Door for inspiring this idea with her diaper diaries.).
(Its inevitablewhen were together, raucous laughter and dancing ensue.).Have a happy Friday, everyone! Heres a photo of us cutting it up on the dance floor at Brittanys wedding back in 2010.New Mommy Survival Kit: custom I Love My Drama Mama onesie ( download the free silhouette studio file here ) burp cloths made from cloth diapers ( burp cloth tutorial for the beginner sewist here ) tissues travel-size wet wipes diapers scented candle cucumber masque.Let me give you a tour of what we put together.Warning: These photos may contain bathroom humor.So, when Brittany visited us here in Orlando over her spring break last month, we conspired to create a care package for our third musketeer.You think love is a battlefield, Pat Benetar? Well, the word she wrote to me in all caps in her text was, amazing! We collected items to help make Lauras transition into mommyhood a little easier and hopefully a lot more fun.

New Mommy Survival Kit : First, let me introduce you to the recipient of this New Mommy Survival Kit: my dear friend, Laura!
Sleepless nights, nonstop nursing, diaper change after diaper change.But I cant talk about Laura without mention of Brittany, too.To close, walmart coupons and promo codes here are a few photos of Brittany and me during our windy crafternoon: Dear reader, what would you include in a New Mommy Survival Kit? How about motherhood?! I have been known to link up here. The three of us gals have been buddies since college.

So, I present to you, the.
A few things for the baby, a few things for the mama, and diapers for both of them!