best hostess gifts for beach house

High quality store bought pickles: I am not talking here about run-of-the-mill pickles.
A loaf of great bread: As long as the hostess eats gluten, a tasty baguette or a loaf of wood-oven-baked sourdough is usually a welcome hostess gift.
A great book: Have you read a book recently that you just couldn't put down?
I am talking about bringing a few jars of artisan pickles.Tea towels: Neutral-colored tea towels are a cute hostess gift, as are potholders.Flavored seltzers: While wine is the standard hostess gift (and for good reason exotic sodas or flavored seltzers are always a nice surprise.Cookies: If there is a dynamite bakery near your office, a box of scrumptious cookies will never go unloved.Artisan grains: A package or two of fancy, expensive grains (like black rice or tri-color quinoa) is a bit crunchy, but original and usually welcome as a hostess gift, especially if you know that the host or hostess is on a health xfinity live springfest discount code kick.Dried fruit: Would you be insulted if a guest brought you a selection of succulent dates and dried figs?High quality nuts: Little nibbles that can either be served immediately or stashed away for the future are always appropriate as a hostess gift.Wood Acorn Nut Bowl 135.00, standing Squirrel Nut Bowl Scoop.00.This is an alternative to lynk coupon code first ride wine, and a way to regift unopened bottle of flavored alcohol that others have gifted to you.

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If you know that your host or hostess loves half sour pickles, then by all means stop at a deli that has scrumptious pickles and bring a container of them as a hostess gift.
Even if the hostess is on a diet and won't eat the pie, her guests or husband will probably eat.
Grey sea salt from Guarande is particularly tasty, and is available in most health food stores.
Stainless Nut Bowl - Pewter Elephant Base 275.00.I know, I 's an unpopular thing to say.Pewter Acorn Bowl 125.00, elephant Peanut Shape Nut Bowl.00.A food related to the host's ethnicity: This requires some cultural knowledge, as such gifts could be construed as racist or just dumb if done improperly.Unscented candles: Scented candles are a matter of taste, and they set off some people's allergies.A whole pineapple: Pineapples are symbols of welcoming in New England, where golden pineapple plaques adorn many a front door.High end sea salt: Once again, you might be able to purchase nice sea salt in a well-stocked supermarket or health food store.13: A stainless steel water bottle: If your hostess is into working out, she'll appreciate having an extra high-end water bottle around, especially the size that fits into those Spinning bikes.Santa Squirrel Nut Bowl Sold Out.Dog treats: Of course, this is only appropriate when the hostess has a dog.

Tie them up with ribbon, and you're in business.