It is only when you are moving down a level that it occurs on the 1st of the month.
How do I get my birthday reward?
Break Time and MFA Oil Company takes your privacy very seriously.
Has a guest engagement platform intended to help more than 300 retail and restaurant chains manage and grow more than 18 billion in maximum allowable gift without taxes guest spend.
Visit m click on the Register my Card button and follow the directions.MyTime Rewards is intended for individual personal use.If you do not have your card on a visit to Break Time, you can use the phone number you used when registering your card.To get an additional card, go to a Break Time store and pick up another card.Each year, on the Sunday before to your birthday, you will receive an email notifying you that your Birthday Reward has been applied to your account.So if you pay for fuel at the pump and then come inside and buy a drink, you will be credited with 1 visit.Just tell the associate you want to use your phone number.According to Paytronix, the new MyTime Rewards program will replace the chains previous paper punch card system and offer customers a more contemporary way to earn rewards for purchase. .Make sure the card gets activated by making a purchase and swiping it on the cash register.How do I use my fuel reward?How do I earn points?Is a farmer-owned cooperative founded in 1929 with more than 40,000 members.

When you visit us 4 times in a month, you will automatically move up to Play Time.
Your birthday reward will be consistent with your current membership level.
You can get another card and combine it with the one you already have registered.
If you have any questions, simply email or call 800.366.0200.What qualifies as a visit?The choice to use Break Time Bucks will not be given.Why media storehouse voucher code do I have to register my card?Membership levels are another way to earn with MyTime Rewards.A minimum 10 cashback earn a minimum of 10 cashback on travel, car hire, health beauty, and more!Can lou curley chimney sweep I share a membership with my spouse or other family member?Answer YES to the question on the pinpad and Break Time Bucks will be applied to your purchase.When you achieve Big Time status, instead of earning 20 points for every dollar spent, you will earn 30 points for every dollar spent (20 points.5 30).Log in to your account and go to the Account Balance page.

I lost my MyTime Rewards Card.
This can be done by logging in to the card you would like to disable, click Manage Card and then select disable from the drop-down menu.