can i gift stock

As a toddler, he received 10 shares in a utility company from his grandfather.
Transferring an wicker outdoor furniture discount Electronic Certificate.
Are stocks the right gift?
How long you held the stock.
If the recipient is a newbie to the world of investing and doesnt have a brokerage account, you may be able to transfer stocks through the Direct Registration System.Selling at a Lower Tax Bracket.Several websites cater to people who want to give stock, including m, m and m, but there can be a premium for novelty.Investing can give you the peace of mind of knowing youll be well taken care of in retirement.
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If you want to place restrictions on your gift, as might be the case when youre giving stock to minors or young adults, you could set up a custodial account (commonly known as utma or ugma) or work with your tax and legal advisors.
The tax will be assessed at the short- or long-term capital gains rate, depending on how long you owned the stock.
The fair market value of the stock at the time of the gift.
For example, if youre gifting 100 shares of a company that you bought at 25 a share and the recipient sells when the stocks trading at 40 a share, theyll pay taxes on a capital gain of 1,500.
Whether youre transferring shares or buying new ones to kickstart a new grads investment portfolio, there are likely limits to your generosity.You get a tax benefit when transferring stock by avoiding capital gains taxes on that investment, but as noted above, the recipient assumes that burden.This means your loved one will pay capital gains tax on a lower amount, allowing him or her to keep more of your gift.There are some considerations unique to gifting stock, however, including understanding the intended recipients immediate financial needs.Is he facing uncertain job prospects?Now, Whitehouse helps his clients pay this forward, recommending grandparents gift stock to their grandchildren, particularly shares of companies that will resonate with the younger generation.