But, if one parent doesn't work, your child would only get 15 free nursery hours.
There are free 'early learning' classes (includes time at a school-attached nursery) available for all three or four-year-olds (starting from the term after your child's third birthday).
But for a number of people with kids (depending on how many) getting childcare vouchers reduces your eligibility for tax credits, potentially leaving you out of pocket.
This is because the amount of tax credit you get depends on how much you pay IN cash (ie, not vouchers) for childcare.Remember chiquitos deals and vouchers you will find lots more information about childcare vouchers on our website m, and if you have any questions you can always send us an email to or give the team a call on (8am-8pm, Monday to Friday).Currently, in England, for at least 38 weeks a year you're entitled to 15 hours a week (to be spread over at least three days) it equates to 570 hours per year.It has led to fears nurseries could close as the gap between what local authorites pay to nurseries and what it costs them to provide the extra hours grows too wide - and makes their business untenable.

Childcare Costs guide for more).
This can be achieved as, apple Childcare Vouchers are offered through your employer as a staff benefit and are exempt from Tax and National Insurance Contributions on the first 55 per week or 243 per month.
During termtime, all three and four-year-olds get 10 hours a week of free childcare.We spoke to Jill who has an 11 year old daughter, who told us she carries on using her vouchers over the summer holidays: I use my childcare vouchers to pay for my daughter's PGL summer camp, so I don't need to take as much.Whats more, you as an organisation will also make savings!What can I get?You cant claim tax credits at the same time.With the school holidays soon to begin in Scotland and in the rest of the UK shortly after, we thought we would quiz parents on how you are planning to make the most of childcare voucher savings during the summer break.Universal Credit is being phased in over the next few years.