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If it is to be defined by the cognitive processes which display laughter, then humour itself can encompass a variety of negative as well as positive emotions.
19 The social transformation model can also be followed in teaching and lecturing where humour is used to improve the cognitive capabilities of the students.
2009 Emotion 9 (3).(1988) "Literary Humor." Humor in America: A Research Guide to Genres and Topics.The results did not show a significant difference between the three groups.Additionally, humour was thought to include a combination of ridiculousness and wit in an individual; the paradigmatic case being Shakespeare's Sir John Falstaff.411418 Buijzen, Moniek; Valkenburg, Patti.

37 :399 Their second experiment tested the behavioural recognition of laughter during an induced emotional state and they discount tire arkansas found that different laughter types did differ with respect to emotional dimensions.
The study states, in part: "Humour body wash gift set coupons seems to engage a core network of cortical and subcortical structures, including temporo-occipito-parietal areas involved in detecting and resolving incongruity (mismatch between expected and presented stimuli and the mesocorticolimbic dopaminergic system and the amygdala, key structures for reward and.
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Humor and Immune Function"."Humour in Chinese Life and Letters: Classical and Traditional Approaches" (hkup, 2011) "The Invention of Li Yu Patrick Hanan - Harvard University Press".36 Parallel to this movement is the " positive " scholarship that has emerged in psychology which seeks to empirically theorise the optimisation of human potential.David Moser, "Stifled Laughter p Jessica Milner Davis and Jocelyn Chey, eds.CS1 maint: Explicit use of.156 "Automatic Humor Classification on Twitter" (PDF).Laughter and Health Outcomes".