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Never heard of it?
A total of 25 million dollars would go to the winner of the Virgin Earth Challenge which is seeking a way to scrub greenhouse gases out of the Earths atmosphere, so as to avoid global warming.
And maybe then, The Immortal Hulk Hogan would finally live up to his name.At the moment, Prizes.This month it released details of six 5m "challenges" to solve technical hurdles standing in the way of typically Nasa-ish projects, namely how to build extraterrestrial fuel depots, human lunar all-terrain vehicles, low-cost space pressure suits, lunar night power sources, micro re-entry vehicles and "station-keeping.A Seattle team won 900,000 several years ago for developing a cable-climber that successfully traversed a 3000-foot tether.Soon, he believes 100m and even 1bn prizes will be put up by organisations keen to draw on the mass intelligence of the world's experts.The X-Prize Foundation has inspired others to follow suit, notably Nasa, which believes its money might be better spent setting up a prize fund than running parallel research projects in-house.The Paranormal Challenge The James Randi Educational Foundations 1 million prize, awarded to anyone who can show that paranormal activity is real, started off when he was hosting a radio show in Britain in 1968.The nasa Nano-Satellite Challenge With a prize of 2 million, the Nano-Satellite Challenge is searching for anyone who can launch a small satellite into orbit twice in one week.It will be no cakewalk: a full genome sequence now takes around six months to read and costs 20m.Dr Diamandis is cagey gifts for new cabin owners about the finer details of future prizes, but one will offer 10m for the first company to sequence the genetic code of 100 people in a matter of weeks.

Now true, youd also have an an entire community of unemployed doctors screaming for your head, but you probably wont hear them over the sound of your own filthy-rich-guy cackling.
The prize is intended to force private industry to find ways of making full genome sequencing cheap enough for everyone to afford.
"This is a hot button that can effect our reliance on energy from around the world and our production of pollution, both of which are major problems from a national security standpoint and an environmental standpoint Dr Diamandis said.There have been numerous people who have tried their hand at this, and all have failed.Right now, this would likely be impossible, what with the Sun being billions and billions of miles away and all.So if youre more an idea guy than a build things guy, there you.By testing mice in laboratories, scientists have found unfortunate consequences, like how mice have an extremely short life span.Org requires a Facebook or Twitter sign-in to participate.However, he spent so many years on the problem, he pretty much dropped out of society, refusing.

But not the dark we deal with every night; nasa wants to be able to use solar-powered vehicles on the.
Lo and behold, there are some problems that you can totally get armloads of money for, sometimes for simply sitting in a chair and thinking about the answer.
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