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A good newsy letter from a very good fighting 175.
He is hearing rumors about going home and he hopes to arrive home safe and if he does so he will consider himself very lucky.
Deformation of the audible gift an audiobook left hand due to scrofula.
They boys are now around the stoves drying their clothes, many are arter the drummer is just going to beat the call so I must close." There are light water stains due to the paper being wet before he wrote the letter.Bennett was later wounded.
Tell the girls that I have forgotten them.Moving sick men in this cold weather again is awful.A great many have reenlisted.The fact of the matter is the Army is not fit to move.After the outbreak of war, the number of brothels in nearby Alexandria, Virginia.Union sentinels were so lax that the Confederates charged out of a ravine into Burbridge's front and flanks before he could deploy.

They took our tents away so we would not have so much to carry trough enemy territory." He continues on about affairs at home.
Duty in the defenses of Baltimore, Middle Department, until January 1864, and in the District of Delaware, Middle Department, until June 1864.
He relates in part, "We are in the brigade with the 16th, 26th, and 27th NY under Colonel Davies, will be able to send 200 home, had been out on picket last night in the rain, mentions sending a flag home possibly a captured Confederate.Four of us Oakland boys, Bill Bower, Alex Mc, Eli Horton and me managed to get on the same post.Only eight companies took part in this expedition,.Goodrich, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry.On 19 June sloop USS Florida, temporary tender for Morning Light, intercepted sloop Ventura, loaded with foodstuff for New Orleans, off Grant's Pass, Mobile Bay, Alabama.General so we will soon have a new Colonel.A scarce Maryland unit 100.Wack, 2nd Brigade 138th PA Vol., 2nd Brigade, 3rd Div.

He gives a good account of the Brigade Ball hosted by General Bartlett.