The refinery was named by the Standard Oil Company in 1911 as its second ( segundo ) refinery in California (first was in Richmond (which was not named El Primero ).
The Water Division accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards, in person and over the phone, as well as bank debit cards.
For information on membership (562) Back to Article Top Garage Sales A limit of two garage sales in a 12-month period are permitted in Cerritos; however, signs for the sales cannot be placed on the public right-of-way, such as on light poles, arterial landscaping.
Facilities Indoor racquetball courts (3) Softball diamond, night lighted Tennis time warner rewards status courts (6 night lighted Sand volleyball courts (3 night lighted Jogging track (330 yards night lighted Playground areas (2) Plaza area Exercise stations Water play area Picnic shelters (3) with barbecues Picnic tables Parking area.In Long Beach Norwalk Community Hospital (562) Bloomfield Ave.For information or to report violations Code Enforcement Division (562) Property Preservation Commission The Property Preservation Commission assists the City Council in maintaining the high development standards of private property within the community.Click here for a key to the symbols used.Back to Article Top Earthquake Preparedness Earthquake preparedness presentations are available to community groups and organizations, including Neighborhood Watch groups.The above was relinquished in June 2009.For more information Current Planning Division (562) Contractors State License Board (800) Rubbish Owners and occupants of property in Cerritos iphone battery discount available now are required to remove all accumulation of rubbish.Residents are prohibited from trimming parkway trees themselves.

According to a report from the California State Auditor Department of Transportation: Disregarding Early Warnings Has Caused Millions of Dollars to be Spent Correcting Century Freeway Design Flaws " August 1999, #99113 did not do extensive tests of soils and groundwater conditions before constructions.
Caltrans and the MTA will use the money to convert existing carpool lanes to high-occupancy toll lanes on 14 miles of the San Bernardino Freeway from Alameda Street to the 605 Freeway interchange and on 11 miles of the Harbor Freeway from Adams Boulevard.
A center is located in Signal Hill Environmental Collection Center at edco (800).A.
The garden was designed to accommodate the placement of approximately 20 sculptures, which will be selected and placed over time.
A stage-like platform is available complete with audio-visual equipment and lighting.The City Manager ensures the Citys policies are implemented and oversees the Citys six departments: Administrative Services, Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, Community Development, Community Safety Services, Public Works and Water and Power.In addition, ornamental historical looking lighting will take the place of the regular highway overhead lighting.The definition of the route on that end wasn't changed at that time, however the origin was clarified to be "Route 47 in San Pedro".On Saturday and Sunday.In January 2015, it was reported that residents who live in areas adjacent to the Arroyo Seco Parkway and the offending abrupt ramps have banded together to try and gather support for an idea (previously introduced by Caltrans) that would reserve the right lanes.During his CHP career, Merle.Maps For a map of Cerritos m Marine Battalion Adoption In 2007, the City of Cerritos adopted the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion of the United States Marine Corps, based in Camp Pendleton.