After both kids had wrestled the giant seal pup cuddly toys in discount auto parts mount clemens mi reception we moved on in search of the real thing.
Skip to motorist discount centre langley main navigation list, set in the picturesque Helford Estuary, by the beautiful village of Gweek, in Cornwall.
Not really seal country but very pretty.The Gweek site slowly grew, and today has five pools and a specially designed hospital.Despite this the seals seemed to relish the limelight and seemed as interested in us as we were in them.I had taken the financial hit for admission the evening before and saved a few quid by buying the tickets online.Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.A hook-nosed sea pig!Upon cresting the hill the view opens up to reveal a panorama of the Helford River and also the row of pools which are home to the sanctuarys resident pinnipeds.

In the next pool are the grey seals.
In fact, no offence to fur seals, but they do look a bit like second rate sea lions!
These probably get a quiet life being located between the main seal pools and the sea lions.
Some of the other animals in the sanctuary are.By 1975, the work had outgrown the single pool at St Agnes and a new site was found.Between 19 only four seals have been considered as unlikely to be able to survive in the wild.The Seal Sanctuary has over 55 years experience in Seal Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release.Not sure how much they can see through the glass but they seemed remotely interested.The centre is on the banks of the.Pools with a view, to get to the seal pools from the entrance is a pleasant stroll along a wooded lane along the riverside.Id say they look a bit more like bull terriers.We were almost the first people to arrive at the.