I've made this handy calculator which will work it out for you.
As beautiful as the free truck giveaway 2015 original metric version, but measures smaller sizes up to 4mm including those important quarter sizes.
Read the post Creating Colors: Project Spectrum 2011 Project Spectrum is an opportunity to celebrate a different colour or colour group every month.
The soft sculpture stands on, and is eating, an equally lovely grass rug.I'm sending parcels out as normal, and am hoping that you will order as normal.Contact Elaine for more information and a pattern.Business as usual during the strikes If you've ordered from me before, you'll know that I dispatch same day if possible, always by the next working day, and always use first class.

More of an idea than a pattern, let your creative juices flow.
YouTube - Duct Tape Dress Form.
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VJFDaehbxkxI Kathleen's Favourite Sock Knitting Tips For sock addicts, this blog post by Kathleen of Knitting Daily the big one claw machine win is a delight.
Articles include Christmas attire through history, circus, panto and puppetry and textiles in Christmas decoration.Vegan Fox Whether you think the fox is a mischievious cuddly or a pest, wearing one with its face still on now seems grizzly.Darwin's animals recreated by knitting team Charles Darwin's treasured animal collection, including creepy creatures in jars and a stuffed tortoise, have been recreated by a team of knitters.Read more and preview the current issue.R2D2 intarsia hat I'm not a fan of floaters on the inside of colourwork and prefer intarsia for that reason.Knitted heart cards Maybe a little late for Valentine's but this free pattern is still quick and simple to make and will be a lovely way to say 'I love you' on any day of the year, or perhaps a great project to use.Read giant eagle bakery coupon code Sectret sheep's blog post.They've used knitting techniques to make a comfy upper, which they hope will make a splash at the Olympics.Wonderwool Wales If you're within reach then one of the major events in the yarn year, Wonderwool Wales, is happening this Saturday and Sunday (28 and 29 April).

This amazing free software might make that job a breeze and will work on your computer, as long as java is enabled in your browser.
It will include patterns for ten figures in predicted clothing designs.