Side note- the patrons came back late from intermission and the same thing happened as before.
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They eventually sat down and the usher thanked me but I missed about 15 or so minutes of the show.Its adventure without the risk, but all the rewards.I've been here a few times, most recently today to see good for me reward kit les miserable.Save at local restaurants, retailers and attractions!The whole time they were right next to me speaking loudly, and I was having a light shone directly in my face.It really made me upset.The patrons stood there for about 10 minutes trying to decide how to go to the middle?I have no idea but eventually the usher noticed there were two seats vacant next.At this point I just wanted to be able to see the musical.A-, a One of the many benefits of YPC membership is discounts to many Greater Des Moines (DSM) pets best discount businesses.Not just a few minutes late.I would suggest in rare circumstances like this to have patrons wait until best gifts for new parents 2014 a musical break or perhaps figure some way to deal with this as I am sure i not the only who was distracted and unable to view a good lot of the.

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I had purchase two end seats and about 30 plus minutes into the show two patrons came in to to seat down.
The two patrons proceeded to not know where exactly they were to be sitting, the usher attempted to show them that their seats were towards the middle.She asked if they could sit there?Do more for less in Greater Des Moines explore everything the city has to offer while staying in your budget.Let me preface this by saying.that I enjoyed the show, the staff and the space, but that this particular event made my experience not as great as it could have been.Are you a business that would like to offer exclusive YPC member discounts?See the menu options for details.I was under the impression that the center doesn't allow people to be seated until a musical break if they are late however this was in the middle of the first act.I know the center cannot handle rude customers (as these people were) but there should been some policy in place for people who come quite late to a performance.Safe to say, I couldn't pay attention to the musical and was extremely distrActed.