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With Shay Gorman, Harry Davis and Gerry Sullivan as Flynn.
In the audience he teases us by introducing Boris Karloff.
The third and final serial of wicked uncle christmas gifts this first series following on from the second was called The Big Freeze in adventure wonderland discount vouchers 4 episodes, with the same main stars: Geoffrey Toone, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, plus Ronald Adam (Prof Lawrie Tom Owen, Gregory Phillips, and Mary Maude.
But the mountain Cameron has named cannot be located, does it exist?
Ann concludes in true showbiz speak, "I couldn't have done it without your help." Then on audiotape a ten year old relative greets her from New Zealand, there's a message from a Hong Kong leper colony, and another from a Malayan school.For a few weeks it was sceened.35pm, before settling in to.30pm slot."He's gone, my prisoner.1 The Imposter Emergency on take off!Almost a crash, but safe landing on Mars, all without assistance from Harcourt-Brown's Martians.Each picture story is so carefully prepared that the plot could be followed easily although not a word of dialogue is spoken.

We want Muffin- everybody sing We want Muffin the Mule." Presented by Annette Mills, it even seemed creaky to me in the 1950s, now all it can offer is a quirky period glow amid the dangling puppet strings.
It's night when they reach their lonely destination, Perks the Porter, a friendly face, directs them to Three Chimneys.
Duke's Noblemen are "the dreamiest singing City Windows, dressed in their gimmick, royal capes, though the song is pretty run of the mill.
Mr review of the first episode:.Ewen is placed in charge of a baggage train by His Royal Highness, and seems to forget about the ending of his 'prisoner's' parole.Mr Prout John Kidd.2 Escape The Major glances round Cliff's bedroom, where Terry's radio is hidden.However a nasty looking hairy hand scares her and she dashes back inside the safety of the rocket.Mr Quelch John Charlesworth.1.2 The Lady Has Two Faces (October 2nd 1967).3 Search for the Lady (October 9th 1967).4 The Lady Is Found (October 16th 1967) The second story was Knave of Diamonds in 5 parts.

A sudden inexplicable fall in temperature in one part of Britain.
Boone and Monk have placed the charges, due to go off in eight hours time at noon.
Frank Nugent David Coote.