I primarily drive weekends and holidays since thats when youll make the best money and meet the most interesting people.
Jay Esguerra Jay drives for both Uber and Lyft but feels there is are more surges and riders with Uber.
I just write them down in this book, but you can also use a ribble discount code 2015 program like MileIQ or TripLog to ditsy pet discount code automatically track your miles.
Which in this case is calculated as follows:.41.80.13, everglades safari park promo code this is the approximate net income from the 30 minute-ride.I prefer Lyft, but wish they were busier.Should I Drive for Uber or Lyf t?(Note: the credit amount changes by city and time the promotion is applied.).

I hope you are able to expand HyreCar and the other ride-sharing thats coming available to Austin.
Ive been in a position where Uber was verifying my updated insurance and I was unable to use the app for a few hours, so I turned to Lyft.
In fact, there is even misleading info on Google when you search for should I tip my Uber driver?
The Lyft app will detect when your route involves a toll road, and the cost will be automatically added to your up-front price estimate.
They also have relationships with car dealerships and have offers specifically for Uber drivers.Lyft gives their drivers background checks, running them through several different criminal databases to make sure there are no bad eggs.By no means should you feel required to tip your Lyft driver, but if you enjoyed the service you received, Im sure they would greatly appreciate a few extra bucks on top of the ride fare.Sound like something youd be interested in doing?How much do Uber drivers make and How much do Uber drivers make in 2017?

Navigate to the Payment section of the app to enter the new user promo code.
Lyft has up-front pricing inside the app, so if you set your destination, youre now able to see how much your ride will cost right away.
As a practical example, lets assume you make 19 an hour after taxes and expenses, and you work 40 hours a week, like a regular full-time job: 19 x 40 hours/week 760 a week.