do people win amazon giveaways

What did I learn?
For purposes of selling books to readers, Id much rather pick up 450 Amazon followers than 450 Twitter followers or 450 page likes on Facebook.
But until Amazon lets me see a simple count of my followers, I have dac prize pool no valid metric to use to analyze my results.
There are lots of those giveaways, so if books that won pulitzer prize nonfiction you are not using them, you might want to avoid it to keep your wins down!
As new followers discovered my page and profile, they invariably followed the call-to-action!We dont need or even want to see their names.If you have a pop up asking for your Tax Info from Amazon, this means that you have won over 600 in a calendar year.Accounts are free to make and no worries if you don't have Prime.While the groups are active and full of friendly people, theyre all writers like myself.

Id like to reinforce what Nicholas Rossis said in his How To Set Up An Amazon Giveaway article: Your call-to-action should be computer planet promotional code uk to grow your Amazon following, not your social media following.
But notice the second giveaway.
Before your giveaway goes live, I recommend visiting.They receive direct mail that lets them know one of their favorite authors has a new title available.You may have seen the Amazon Bouncy Box Giveaways going around, these are a great way to get some wins and we have several readers who regularly win hundreds of these giveaways each year!They will make you fill this in before you can enter more of their giveaways!What did work, however, was a combination of two things: I pinned a post with a link to the giveaway on both my Facebook page and Twitter profile.So let them do the work for you.