Invoice - A document submitted by a vendor, showing the character, quantity, price, terms, nature of delivery, and other particulars of goods delivered or of services rendered.
Receiving report - partial delivery (A18, A18-A) - A form used by agencies to gymboree gymbucks coupon code document and authorize payment for partial deliveries of goods or services ordered by a single Purchase Order or Field Order.
Refer to shared leave.
In order to qualify as an EFB, the system must be capable of displaying information equivalent to the paper products they replace.
Refer to surety bond.Refer to function and program.Joint venture - Legal entity or other organization that results from a contractual arrangement and that is owned, operated, or governed by two or more participants as a separate and specific activity subject to joint control, in which the participants retain (a) an ongoing financial.This includes: the issuance and cancellation of purchase cards; the monitoring of approving officials, cardholders, card custodians, and designated card users; and, the development and enforcement of agency policy, procedures and training.Now 47, sat 71, sun 75, local News, see More, nation World.Refer to current financial resources measurement focus and economic resources measurement focus.All other unmatured general long-term liabilities are to be accounted for in the General Long-Term Obligations Subsidiary Account.The state driver is responsible to maintain vehicle insurance on the POV in compliance with Washington mandatory liability insurance requirements as defined in RCW.29 and RCW.30.Agency funds - Agency funds are used to account for the assets held by the state as an agent for individuals, private organizations, and other governments.TDD - An acronym for Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf.

Unamortized premiums ON investments - An asset account used to reflect the excess portion of the amount paid for securities over their face value that remains to be amortized over the remaining life of such investments.
Interfund transfers - Nonreciprocal transfers made without a requirement for repayment.
Disclosure forms - The state Disclosure Forms application is an electronic way of capturing the detail data for various aspects of an agency's activities.
Statement OF NET position - A government-wide financial statement that reports the difference between assets and deferred outflows and liabilities and deferred inflows as net position, not fund balance or equity.We pick out the best to help make your business presence shine online!Privately owned vehicle (POV) - A vehicle privately owned, leased, or borrowed by a state driver for which the driver receives or is entitled to receive monetary reimbursement or per diem when the vehicle is used to conduct official state business.They display information about major funds individually and nonmajor funds in the aggregate for governmental and enterprise funds.Accrual basis - The basis of accounting whereby revenues are recognized when earned and measurable regardless of when collected; and expenses are recorded on a matching basis when incurred.Check register - The document used to record pertinent details relating to expenditure/expense vouchers and coding for each check issued.Normally, an employee would only have one round trip commute each work day.

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