Warm, home, discount, scheme helpline to claim the discount, or if you've been successfully matched and will receive the discount without needing to take any further action.
The details to see if you're eligible will be released when the 2018 / 2019 applications open.
The DWP will have written to you to let you know if you qualify.
If you're in the Core group you'll receive a letter from the DWP towards the end of 2018.If you're in the Core Group and expecting an automatic discount : As long as we were your supplier on you'll still get the discount from.If another energy company provided breakthrough prize national geographic your electricity on the DWP will send your details to them to pay your discount.The Guarantee how to give gift cards creatively Credit element and the Savings Credit element of Pension Credit.But dont delay, if you dont call them by the date specified on your letter, you won't get your discount.The DWP will have written to eligible customers.We won't be able to give you the discount unless your electricity is supplied by us at the time we make the payment.If we were your supplier and you've now left us youll normally get this as a cheque.Youll need to give the DWP a call (using the telephone number on the letter) and give them your electricity account number and Meter Point Administration Number (mpan).You need to be the named account holder, or the partner of the named account holder to receive the.

If you have nothing left to pay, well send a cheque to your new address.
If you still have a balance discount motors gallatin road left to pay, well put the discount onto your account to help you pay this off.
If your reference number begins with an M: This means you dont need to do anything.If your reference number begins with a U: This means that the DWP aren't sure who your electricity supplier.If you fall into this group you don't need to fill in an application form to receive your discount.You're in the Core Group if you or your partner (as shown on your Pension Credit records) or Appointee, are the named electricity account holder and you receive either of the following: The Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit only (not just the State Pension).Warm, home, discount are known as the "Core Group".If you sent an application form in after the closing date we will not be able to accept the application and will write to you to confirm.We are unable to accept any further online applications but you are welcome to register your interest for next years scheme.