employee appreciation day 2018 gift ideas

A wall of staff photos might seem a bit old school, but hey.
Rethink your break room.
Showing that appreciation in a manner that is unique to each person.Thanks For Being Awesome ; Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference ; Teamwork: Youre An Essential Piece ; and, one Team One Goal Making A Difference.Instead of giving them another branded mug or pen, find a gift that is both meaningful and practical.Employee appreciation is yet another page in your turnover-reduction playbook, as well as a way to increase a positive culture and positive customer experience.Your employees are your most precious asset, yet some businesses show more care and concern to maintaining equipment than letting their staff know that they are valued and appreciated!Why not create your own, dedicated specifically to staff appreciation?Water Bottles and Insulated Mugs: Healthy fruit infuser water bottles and custom insulated mugs keep employees happily hydrated and caffeinated throughout their day.Dont mercedes service discount code knock the wall of fame.

So, the first way to show how much you appreciate your staff is to actually create a viable plan for what youre going to do and when youll be doing.
Looking for some fresh ideas to show employees your gratitude this year?
Tip the Work-Life Balance.
Make it easy for your staff to show appreciation for each other.You can talk about what your business and your staff are doing and let your customers know that doing business with you has a positive impact on the community.Plus, journaling can help promote focus and responsibility in the workplace as well as strengthen mental health overall.Ask your employees what they would like.Some options to consider include the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, unicef, Salvation Army, and.You dont have to implement all of the suggestions, but pick out a handful that you could manage to do well and that would carry sincere meaning for your staff.A little friendly competition is good, and as your staff keeps climbing towards a particular goal, you can not only congratulate their hard work, but spur them on for a reward for whichever team makes the mark first.Spend a day at the lake having a barbecue.Once the food has been brought, grab a coffee pot and start pouring the coffee and serving the waffles.

Have a joke awards ceremony.