Tesla has instead proved to be a different kind of disruptor, a high-end version that can be just as troublesome for the gift for someone travelling to new york incumbents (learn more about "high-end disruption" in our new Forbes article.
"You don't get the two highest ratings says Musk, "unless you have done something innovative.
"When we came along and made the Roadster, it got GM to make the Volt and then Nissan felt confident enough to go with the Leaf."The Model X is a particularly challenging car to build.Tesla, motors #039; production floor are the robots.This is why we hired thousands of additional team members to create a third shift, which has reduced the burden on everyone.Meanwhile, incumbent automakers face the same challenge now and long term: If much of the auto business ends up going electric (and that's a big if right now with sub-3 gas and sales falling overall for electrics and hybrids) Tesla will be miles ahead.The average amount of hours worked by production team members this year is about 43 hours per week.So, to use an insurance phrase, Musk is the "key man".Henry Ford and the generations of auto industry experts who have followed would dismiss this setup as inefficient-each robot should do one task only before moving the car on to the next Transformer.Tesla, as its practice, has not yet released a date for its second quarter earnings.It goes from 0-60 in under three seconds in "ludicrous" mode, the fastest of any four-door production car on the planet, and is also the safest car in its class.This is your company.Coincidentally, I am in Thailand now, and it is hard to conceive that someone could remove the halo from the successful rescue of the Wild Boars and their coach from the cave in Chiang Rai, but somehow Musk did with his offensive tweets.

The motor and gearbox are a fraction of the size of a combustion engine drive train, mounted low between the wheels to create a larger crumple zone for passenger safety.
The Model S and X will be followed in 2017 by a cheaper Model 3, a 35,000.
Tesla wasn't ready for that setup, and having manufacturing spread out over the world led to massive coordination problems.It is also a lesson learned, which is why Model 3 is designed to be dramatically easier to manufacture.Again, though, it is difficult, from the outside, to determine Straubel's exact role in the day-to-day operations."I operate on the physics approach to analysis says Musk.Harvard Business School's, clayton Christensen.As shown below, a Tesla team member earned between 70,000 and 100,000 more in total compensation than the employees at other US auto companies!The incumbents didn't react fast enough, and the high-end disruptors took over their market."That's my lesson for taking a vacation: Vacation will kill you." The Tesla team is successful at achieving seemingly impossible goals not just because they work harder than anyone else.Tesla 's production engineers are continually changing the layout of the factory to learn as much as possible.I hear the ergonomics are even more severe in other areas of the factory.

He wants the best.
The full text of Musk's email is below.
Furthermore, if things were really even worse in other departments, that would mean something like 80 or more of the factory would be out on injury, production would drop to virtually nothing and the parking lot would be almost empty.