Heat rate, MW, emissions?
Northland Power has ltsas in place in three of its plants; including the Kirkland Lake facility in Ontario, Canada.
Their true value, therefore, won't be known for some time.
Does provider guarantee the performance and emissions of the loaner engine?
Does it cover consequential internal damages or just the failed part?Are spares stocked on-site or at ltsa provider's (provider's) facility?Rotors and hot gas casings?"Why sign a 12-year contract with an escalator clause when parts prices will likely drop?" asks Grady Blakley, senior vice president of operations and engineering with El Paso Merchant Energy.While access to an adequate supply of spare parts is critical for today's turbine owners, just as important is the price of these parts.Number of engines installed?Click here to enlarge image, in determining an acceptable ltsa price, turbine owners must weigh the cost of managing a self-directed maintenance program against the cost of the ltsa, recognizing that the results of this analysis will depend on a comparison of in-house resources and.Does the provider demonstrate genuine 24x7 response to other customer's ltsa problems?"hot" start penalties.

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Does the provider guaranty turnaround of your engine within that X weeks or cover the jump in loaner fees?
Does ltsa reward improved unit performance,.e.EEI's Emergency Recovery Award recognized outstanding power restoration efforts following Hurricane Harvey.Does site or provider own any required special tools?"The ltsa provider is not normally the operator and can easily miss the interaction between operational decisions and long-term maintenance costs says Terry Morgan of Terry Morgan and Associates LLC, which has experience in ltsa negotiations for gas turbines and compressor trains.One key point in this discussion is that, although the supplier may have a "fleet of gas turbines it is a fleet under contract with a service provider who, while experienced at building turbines, may lack operating experience.