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(M) "Issuer" means the state, political subdivision, authority, commission, agency, officer, or other entity having authority to issue bonds referred to in section.981 of the Revised Code, and includes the body and officers authorized to act for the issuer in the matter.
25, HB 59, 101.01, eff.
In any case in which the employee has designated such an agent, broker, or company, the board shall comply with the designation, provided that the board may impose either or both of the following as conditions to complying with any such designations: (A) The designee.
(3) "Design-build firm" has the same meaning as in section 153.65 of the Revised Code.Where the coordinator determines the person has not committed any violation of such prior affirmative action programs during the five years immediately preceding the date of determination, the coordinator shall issue a dated certificate of compliance with affirmative action programs.Im afraid its too late.When fighting a Sidewinder, keep it at range and lay down heavy fire if the current ship can't outmanoeuvre it, and it should be destroyed quickly; with a ship that can keep up with its turning, close in and blast away, making sure to stay.(5) If the director baby freebies by mail 2016 of budget discount cole and company vanities and management determines that sufficient unencumbered moneys do not exist in the particular appropriations to pay the indemnification, the director of budget and management shall make application for payment of the indemnification out of the emergency purposes account.

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(C) No contract entered into under this section may require, authorize, or imply a delegation of the authority or responsibility of the public entity to a contractor for any of the following: (1) Developing or implementing procedures for calculating inmate release and parole eligibility dates.
(2) cherry box pizza voucher Compensate any employee of the political subdivision for time spent on any activity to influence the outcome of an election for any of the purposes described in division (C 1 e) of this section.
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As there were no serious internal injuries and his head wounds seemed to be healing, Theo came back home just before Christmas.Throughout 1962, life had seemed to be settling into the kind of familiar pattern Dahl had long desired.Pat remained in a coma for almost three weeks, lying on an ice mattress to minimise swelling and besieged by tubes.No certificate of the fiscal officer as to the maximum maturity of those bonds is required.(B) The director, through the office of risk management, shall operate the risk management reserve fund on an actuarially sound basis.