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42 Specifications edit The Mirai uses the Toyota Fuel Cell dublin bay cruises voucher code System (tfcs which features both fuel cell technology and hybrid technology, and includes proprietary Toyota-developed components including the fuel cell (FC) stack, FC boost converter, and high-pressure hydrogen tanks.
26 t pain win 2003: Toyota and Daihatsu begin road testing of the move FCV-K-II, a fuel -cell Kei car.
Retrieved August 2, 2009.
1 53 The following table tabulates top replacements under the cars program based on information submitted for rebates.
Betty Sutton (D- Ohio allowed consumers to trade in vehicles with a combined fuel economy of 18 or less for new, more efficient vehicles."Cash for Clunkers cars: Small wins big".73 Marketing edit Toyota's groupon new york discount code " Fuel Cell" badge used in the Mirai.permanent dead link a b c "Toyota Ushers In The Future With Launch Of 'Mirai' Fuel Cell Sedan" (Press release).

The clunker program had been put in place six months ago, it would have probably been a dud".
9, 2009 (aggregating different versions and year models of the same vehicle together) Ranking Vehicle Ranking Vehicle 1 Toyota Corolla 6 Chevrolet Silverado pickup 2 Honda Civic 7 Nissan Versa 3 Toyota Camry 8 Ford F-150 pickup 4 Ford Focus 9 Honda Accord 5 Hyundai.
"Cash-for-clunkers auto eligibility list changed".The, toyota Mirai (from mirai Japanese for "future is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufactured by, toyota, one of the first such sedan-like vehicles to be sold commercially."Daily Kanban drives Toyota's 2015 fuel cell car, talks to its father".Asked about this issue Toyota said it is hoping that the present federal subsidies will be extended.Retrieved "Morons Clunkerize Rare GMC Syclone Super Truck"."m Evaluates "Cash for Clunkers Determines Program Generated.6 Million saar Shopping Rate".82 However, a further review noted that many cars that were thought of as being crushed under the program were improperly recorded and/or swapped for other car models or trims."Colorado man turns in a Maserati BiTurbo for the Cash for Clunkers Program".Mike Millikin ( ).