Autographed Picture of Yourself Something they will cherish for years to come, I am sure!
Gag gifts are always a big hit, but theres also nothing wrong with bringing a nice item that people actually want.
White Elephant Towel Watch the tutorial to give a great white elephant gift!
You are officially set for all of the Christmas parties headed your way!
He will keep them handy until the next time you need them, and will keep your desk free of rubber band clutter in the meantime.Perfect for when its time to turn the veg-tables on the prankster in your life.Home sign Yikes, give this one with caution!Pooping Sheep Candy Dispenser This Poopin Sheep gag gift will definitely appeal to your friends who stopped maturing in junior high!Bearded Beanie A cozy hat with a fake beard attached.Shakespearean Insult Bandages What gift shops great falls mt could help you feel better after hurting yourself more than sporting Shakespearean insults?10.49 Dog Butt Magnet Set This magnet set features an assortment of dog butts, including a fire hydrant so you complete the theme.Surprise Mason Jar Money Gift While this jar at first appears like the lamest White Elephant gift at the party, it certainly has a surprise!Fish Chips A couple of live goldfish and some chips too funny!Handerpants For many of us, winter is a time of severe cold; so warm up your hands in style with these Handerpants!

We would take a nibble but wed be scaredhesaurus.
The Dating Divas have rounded up 150 of the most hilarious, memorable, and creative, white Elephant gifts we could find!
Theyre not made for regular use, but they get the job done.
Just hope that everyone else is washing their hands when they go as well.Its going to be every girls fantasy gift, whatever the occasion.Belly Button Lint Remover While we dont like to talk about it publicly, belly button lint is a serious issue, but you can rest easy with this lint remover!Zombie Survival Drink We should always be prepared for all possible outcomes, shouldnt we?Nessie might not be real, but these push pins really work to hold up important memos.Potty Golfing Perfect for that golfer in your life!You know one of your friends needs this!Keychain Siracha Never go without your hot sauce again!

Definitely not a gift to be sniffed at!
The Toothbrush Treasure Grab a large box, then fill it with progressively smaller boxes to reveal a used toothbrush!
Just remember not to get too upset, it is just an inanimate ball.