Tri-zone technology, developed by the scientists at ghd, works by keeping the plates at a consistent optimum temperature of 185C with three sensors spread out across each plate (the inside part that gets hot).
Awesomely, you can win one 2 year gifts of these gift sets (worth 175!) by just following @ghdhair on Instagram and uploading a photo of your own embellished hair look with the hashtag #GlitzTheSeason.
I also wasnt a massive fan of the ready to use sound, which I can only describe as a fairy godmother wand waving sound- not as stylish as the simple three beeps.
The copper stylers with shimmer gold plates came in a heat resistant plate guard, making it more practical for travel if you dont want to pack the bag.Or, if you want the full copper experience, the Deluxe Gift set also includes the stylist favourite ghd Air with a premium copper trim. My Classic Styler is still performing great results on my thick, unruly curly hair.BaByliss Curling Wand Pro, so am rubbish at using anything else).The technology, the ghd Platinum Copper Styler claims to reduce hair breakage by over 50 per cent, and to add 20 per cent more shine, which I find revolutionary as someone with heat-damaged locks.The styler seemed so lightweight compared to what I was used to and the curve to the edges makes it easier than ever before to create waves.Metallic nail polishes guaranteeing you'll make an impact from head-to-toe.The advanced ionic technology guarantees less frizz and flyaways, and the 3 metre cord gives added flexibility and comfort.Both are eye catching but subtly glam.Often just wet hair scraped back into a bun straight from the shower and left to dry into some sort of messy bun look.But it was clear this was a re-design to make the task easier, especially when your hair takes longer than 20 minutes.Some straighteners slip through hair and a curl needs to be attempted more than once, but Maddie said this one held its grip, and the bigger barrel makes a larger but still well-formed curl.

Left: my hair curly.
I believe if you used it, with its tri-zone technology, rather than a hotter styler on the market, you could potentially reduce hair breakage.
Straight Wavy Curly Coiled Tightly Coiled A gift set for of haute style from head to toe with a limited-edition ghd Platinum Styler in a a copper finish, a heat-resistant bag, and two exclusive, copper-inspired nails INC.
The sensors in each plate help to maintain a consistent heat throughout the styler, resulting in less breakage and also longer-lasting colour.
Whether you opt for the Soft Curl Tong or the Wand, your curler will also come with the stunning Nails Inc polish and the covetable, limited edition heat bag.Along with the heat mat, the new Copper Luxe Platinum also comes with two complementary metallic shades from well-known nail brand Nails Inc. .But how does that work?The colours are on trend for the season, a dark brown metallic shade Fierce Copper, and a light gold shimmer, Copper Luxe.CategoriesSelect CategoryBeautyFashionFood BoozeFPFriday Food Week That WasTravelUncategorizedWedding.