Send them out of the house while you surprise clean the house.
Schedule a yes day.
Leave their favorite candy in their car with a nice note.
You dont have to be a talented writer to write an acrostic poem of their name.
Order lunch for your spouse while they are at work from their favorite restaurant.Just something to show youve been thinking of them.Compliment them every hour on the hour all day long!Watch a movie or show youd rather not watch but that they love.Run an errand for them theyve been putting off.I almost wrote make rhode island novelty free shipping coupons them a cd, but then realized that would date.Just make sure they really cash in!

What a way to brighten their day!
Send it to them and make their day.
This would mean A TON if done by the partner who usually cleans less than their spouse.
For a night, a day, or for an hour and force your spouse to go do something fun.Fun surprise, have a candlelit dinner for no reason.Specifically, to give your spouse a gift every Friday for a month.(this one is my favorite ever).The best gifts of course are the ones specifically for your spouse.Do diatone coupon code something to solve one of their problems.For a few ideas on how to make intimacy fun- check this post out ).

Go ahead and throw in their favorite snack or treat for good measure.
Surprise flowers or chocolates.
As a quality time love language-r, this would make me feel very loved.