gift of allah meaning names

Mummar Given Or Granted Long Life 445.
Jumah, Jumuah (Born On) Friday 336.
Azhar Most Shining, Luminous 161.
Dirar Old Arabic hotelstayuk com discount Name 200.Mushtaq Longing, Yearning 464.Jamal Al Din Beauty Of The Faith 322.Imtiyaz Mark Of Distinction Or Excellence 301.Tariq Name Of A Star 669.

Wajid Smooth Land 705.
Faisal, Faysal Decisive 209.
Amin, Ameen Faithful, Trustworthy 124.
Tamim Strong, Complete 663.Ghawth Succor, To Help 243.Munir, Muneer Brilliant, Shining 452.Report Us, share 'Ataallah' Name With Your Friends: Short Url: Ata allah is baby boy name mainly popular.Mazin Old Arabic Name 409.

Zahir Bright, Shining, Flowery 735.
Jubair, Jubayr Old Arabic Name 334.
Wail Coming Back (for Shelter One Of The Companions Of The Prophet 703.