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How close to the actual date of transfer can the appraisal be made and still be considered as meeting the requirements outlined above?
The returns for Illinois would be saved for the next round of classification. .
Internal Revenue Code Section 6501(c 9) places a time limit of three years on the revaluation of gifts as long as adequate disclosure rules are met or satisfied.At the local area, the local group estate and gift tax classifier and a valuer from the engineering group may look at the same information on the return and supporting documentation, coupled with local knowledge and make a determination to audit the estate or gift.If no appraisal was attached, the national IRS Valuer classifiers literally only have the attached forms and dollar amounts to make a determination. .If the estate or gift tax return had included an appraisal by a qualified appraiser it battle tower prizes is quite possible it could have been accepted during the national classification process, and there would have been no need to send it to the local estate and gift.Estate planning for high net worth individuals often involves the lifetime gratuitous transfer of assets to family members or trusts for their benefit.A description of the appraisal process employed.Taxpayers Must Comply With IRS Instructions In Order To Commence Running of the Three Year Statute Of Limitations.An appraisal was required in this instance as a matter of law. .To start the running of statute of limitations, however, the gift/transaction must be adequately disclosed on a Gift Tax Return.The appraiser must be an expert who regularly performs appraisals.I have also reviewed appraisals and made recommendations on how to enhance quality in certain areas to reduce the probability of an audit.The last thing a taxpayer wants is IRS scrutiny of a transaction that occurred many years earlier, with the possible imposition of additional tax, interest and penalties, simply because a Gift Tax Return failed to adequately disclose a gift or non-gift transaction.

By making their job easier this enhances the likelihood of not being selected for further scrutiny locally. .
Having advised many clients on this process, I have recommended if multiple appraisals are associated with a return, make it easy for the national IRS classifiers. .
If there were no concerns, the classification process would be negative and there would be no referral to the local area for audit from the IRS valuers perspective.
This can mean either the date of transfer if the exchange was open and the sale of the security was active on that date, or the (weighted) average of the averages of the high and low on the most recent active date before and after.
When I worked for the IRS as an Engineering Territory Manager with employees in Cincinnati, Ohio, in many instances two of my employees (IRS valuers) and two IRS estate and gift tax attorneys from some geographic location (lets say Chicago this time) would.To avoid any local bias no returns would be classified this time for Illinois with the two IRS estate and gift tax attorneys coming from Illinois. .The valuation methodology employed by the appraiser.Additional requirements under Treasury Section 301.6501(c)-1(e) for the transfer of property subject to the special valuation rules under IRC Sections 27, which includes interests in corporations, partnerships (and limited liability companies) and trusts transferred to family members, are discussed below.However, be aware that if the IRS challenges the valuation during the limitation period, the taxpayers opportunity to contest it also ends with the limitation period.