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An adult tries to shrink his or her world, (and the world is getting bigger and faster and more complicated all the time) to a size they can control and that becomes a very small world.
For years when you went to the dentist you sat in a chair.Simply put, it measures your ability to begin with set information and come up with multiple solutions or uses.This graphic by the way is famous it appears on the front cover of Frank Zappas album of the same name (1982).Social rules are rules and guidelines we learn as we grow.

Its always a question of degrees.
Its telstra online mobile deals because the people want to dance and jump and move and shout and be part of the spectacle and also of course because the organizers can pack more people into the arena and thus make more money.
If people choose A the company then trumpets, our customers told us what they want, they want.
The sample problem most people experience first is: Falling/Actor/Dust.They dont want to have to question their worlds because they dont want to turn anything in their world upside down.The difference between a Hollywood film and reality is that in the film John and Mary end up together while in reality life is a series missed opportunities.The need for how much did floyd mayweather win last night security and the need to be in control is one of the biggest obstacles to creative thought.You have taken a competency test for creative thinking ability.But the functional fixedness bias led most people to see the box as nothing more than a receptacle for the thumbtacks, instead of viewing its individual potential to help solve the problem.Ninety percent of children are highly creative, while only two percent of adults are.For most of what you do, you need to make some assumptions, but when you need to use your creativity you have to avoid making them.Creativity is mysterious and hard to pin down.

Hence they often cut to the heart of a matter right away, an action which often alienates those around them and because of that these people often masquerade as being rebellious and different.