This fun and easy project makes a fun and unique housewarming gift.
Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set Current Rating:.2 For the laser tag-loving teenage boy, this 2-player laser gaming set is a great choice, because its expandable (by combining it with other sets meaning other friends can join in amazon gift card australia the fun when you.
Gadgets to see more techy goodness for male teenagers.Add kernels into the glass pitcher, add butter on top in the butter-melter, if desired, and in less than 3 minutes, you have a healthy snack.Slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line Current Rating:.4 The outdoors-loving teen boy will be thrilled to receive this 50-foot Slackline Classic Set from Slackers, which comes with a bonus teaching line for beginners.Key Features: Standalone, cooperative game For 1-6 players Strategy game with a zombie theme Cost: Est.46.95 Dammit Golf Doll Stress Relief Does your avid golfer lose their temper from time to time?It charges by usb and produces 180 lumens of light.Ratings information is based on Amazon reviews and is current at the time of publication.With programmable sensors and LED lights.Simply attach the sensor and youre on your way to become a better golfer.

One day they like one thing, the next it's something else.
179.00 Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags are a unique Christmas gift all teenage guys will love.
You wont believe your eyes as your read these hilarious and smart-alleck answers to even simple questions.
And you get to assemble it yourself.We stay on top of the trends so that you don't have.To help you get them going in the morning, buy a Gun Alarm Clock.If your teenage boy is always in the kitchen knocking up something delicious then you may want to look into some of our awesome kitchen gadgets and cooking gear.It is handmade with comfortable cotton.68.00 NFL Patches Ugly Sweater Be stylish as you wear an NFL Patches Ugly Sweater to your offices holiday party.Thinking of gift ideas for teenage boys can be hard, especially if youre a parent or grandparent.It looks like real lumps of the black stuff but it certainly doesnt taste like it!Czech Games Codenames Current Rating:.8 Perfect for the 14 year old boy who loves spies and secret agents, Codenames is a social word game.

What time is it?
A 9V battery and internet access are required.
Cut the part out that they want to save, glue it onto a canvas, and display it on the wall as a poster.