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Our Morkies are gorgeous because they are healthy!
Some dog brokers even include puppies playing in their back new mom valentines gift ideas yard in their ads in an attempt to copy us!
Of course, he will also need to have playtime.
We are very proud of our puppies and their beautiful parents we are proud to sell them ourselves and represent only our own puppies!
Our gorgeous morkie Maverick is so beautiful!He is friendly, playful and the nicest little morkie boy.The Morkipoo is an excellent breed for apartment life.Please get your morkie puppy from a reputable breeder.We are so happy with Sophie and how well she adapted to her new home and with Bear.It requires monthly grooming and regular brushing to prevent tangling.Mom and dad are excellent, you will be impressed with them and they are available for viewing.What a lucky little puppy.Handsome Murphy is sold to Vicki from Toronto!

We are 100 focused on breeding the best Morkies and nothing more!
Shadow is sold to Peter and Susan and their children Ally and Matthew from Toronto,.
Baby Dolly Morkie is sold to Vanessa who has one of our little boys as well.
Jordan cutlery and beyond coupon code is sold to Scott and Kara and their children from Calgary, Alberta.
This beautiful little female morkie is already 4 months, only 2lbs, (size of 2 month old toy morkie).Thanks again for raising him so well!They do need regular brushing to keep the coat looking its best because the hair can get tangled.Tiny Teacup white morkie Daisy is sold.The main reason for the wariness around designer dogs breeds such as Morkie is that the breeding results are not reliable.The American Kennel Club does not recognize the Morkie as a bona fide breed of dog.

Once your pooch has packed on those extra pounds, it puts her at risk of other Morkie health issues such as slipped knees and even hypoglycemia (diabetes).