gifts to bridesmaids after the wedding

Gifts Galore, are bridesmaids expected to give a wedding gift, especially if they cover the costs of a bachelorette party and give shower and engagement presents?
That way, everyone knows you took the time to pick out something just for them.
Its always the thought that counts, of course, but a pair of pajama shorts emblazoned with.
When considering all that your attendants have contributed in terms of time, talent and expense, many couples consider their attendants presence to be their most cherished gift of all.
You can also branch out and get creative.And don't forget about flower girls and junior bridesmaids (you can spend a little less on them).The gift could be a picture frame or wine cooler engraved with the wedding date and each attendants initials or first name (it wouldnt need to be sterling to be meaningful).Depending on your wedding, they could already be paying for a plane ticket, hotel room, dress and shoesnot to mention the bridal shower, bachelorette party, your wedding and shower gifts, and more.If its not something theyre meant to wear or have at the weddinga gift card, beauty products, picture frame or wine paraphernaliahand it out at the rehearsal dinner so they dont need to worry about keeping track of it throughout the busy wedding day.All of this is to say that a bridesmaid deserves a little something extra for carrying out her duties before and during your big day, and what better way to thank her than gifting her something that she will actually love and use forever.I truly do not care about the gift at this point, but I would feel bad if they thought they sent a gift and did not receive a thank you.What works for one person might not work for another, so don't be afraid to give different gifts, but all within the same price range.Gifts with bridesmaid-related phrases are fun for the bachelorette party or getting-ready festivities, but probably not something they'll use outside of your wedding. .Photo, credit Olimpia Zagnoli.The maid/matron of honor typically receives a bit more lavish gift than the others, as it's typically her job to act as point person for prewedding events and more.Your wedding gift is being in our wedding.

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If its something you want them to wear during the wedding daylike jewelry, getting-ready robes, cuff links or customized sneakers to slip into at the partypresent them while youre getting ready.
(Don't forget to take travel logistics into account: simon webb chimney sweep A nice bottle of wine and set of wine glasses is a great present, but hard to pack in a suitcase and carry on a flight.).
That said, how do you gracefully handle a wedding gift when the budget is busted?Here are 25 ideas for bridesmaid gifts that your wedding day team will love and keep forever.Aim for no later than one to two months before your wedding, since the last thing you want to do the week before your wedding is shop for presents.You might encounter a great off-season sale or stumble upon something perfect while making your registry.They spend their paychecks on dresses, shoes, a wedding gift, a shower gift, a trip for the bachelorette, and.