There is another mushroom button along the stone wall.
Gold Gnome #40 - Continue on judo gift ideas to the Mine Shaft capture point.
Wait a few moments, and a Gold Gnome statue will slowly drift toward you via balloon.
Enjoy an endless summer by heading down south for more sunour.Youll obviously want to put The City at the top of your list.Use a Chili Bean Bomb to detonate a wall panel at the center of the house, revealing the Gold Gnome.Gold Gnome #52 - Enter the portal to Rome, and keep to the right side.The best method for finding all of the gnomes in multiplayer is to create a private match with specific settings.

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Shoot the button to reveal the Gold Gnome on the pedestal below.
Gold Gnome #39 - Continue toward the next capture point.
Gold Gnome #14 - In the Mansion area, drop down the hatch beside.
This article may contain links to online retail stores.Gold Gnome #46 - From the bridge, follow the frozen stream toward a lake.Gold Gnome #42 - Just before the final stage of Moon Base Z, jump up onto the purple pipes outside of the building.Gold Gnome #20 - From the drill where you found #19, head to the left and enter the blue doorways.Approach Ol Deadbeard at his desk, and turn right toward his bedroom.There is a Gold Gnome on a small platform along the rock wall to the right.Hop up onto the drill to discover a Gold Gnome inside the driver seat.One person's barbarian is another's fighter and yet another's rogue.Once you enter the portal, walk forward and turn around to look toward the back wall.Dont miss the city where Southern charm meets urban energyyou can find the cheapest hotel in Atlanta that still keeps you near hot spots like Buckhead.

Lets begin with the Lone Star State.