Turns out that it's a joule thief/blocking oscillator circuit.
Today i Will Show You How To Make USB Killer From an Bug zapper or Mosquito Killer Bat Racket!
@1:40 the real action starts.
This experiment is dangerous or even lethal, do not try.Since the new lab bonobos coupon code july 2017 isn't done, o decided to edit some old video footage I didn't release.Electric Fly Swatter with 400,000 Volts!Giant Ass Horsefly vs Electric Fly Swatter.World strongest electric fly swatter 400 000 volt ouch.Teardown Hack Electric Flyswatter.Voltage of an electric fly swatter and CAT ratings.What started as a simple desire for ring com promo code uk a little more power in my bug zapper got carried away and I ended up building a racket of death.

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I wanted to see if any meters would read the correct voltage of an electric.
This is soley for Educational purposes only and not intended for.Harbor Freight Electronic Fly Swatter - "AA" vs "D" Battery Models Harbor Freight 2 "D" Cell Battery Model: # 61351 or # 40122 Harbor Freight 2 "AA" Cell Battery.After this mod the increased power will let.Inside a bug zapper racket / racquet, with schematic.USB Killer made from Mosquito Killer Racket.I wanted a more powerful electronic fly swatter so I swapped out the old circuit board with a 400kv High Voltage Generator.See also: Franklin's Bells - How to Make and Demonstrations ml, how to Make 30kV High Voltage DC lazada promo code 2017 Power Supply with Flyback Cockcroft-Walton Multiplier Tripler ml, how to Make Joule Thief Light a CFL - Jeanna's Light ml, how to Read a Schematic ml, high.Added two extra capacitors in parallel and added thicker.This tutorial shows the easiest homemade method to make.