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As volume trickles from the stores and sales per square foot decline, the response of most retailers is almost automatic: Cut labor, reduce costs, and sacrifice service.
These organizational strategies have helped Macys woo and energize technology stars, increase its e-commerce revenue growth to more than 30 a year over the past two years, and attain the top spot on the 2011 L2 Digital IQ Index for specialty retailers.
Consider the job of creating awareness, which in the past relied mostly on mass-market advertising, promotions, and the like.For too many people, shopping in a store is simply a chore to be endured: If they can find ways to avoid it, they will.The 1960s and 1970s saw the spread of discount chainsWalmart, Kmart, and the likeand, soon after, big-box category killers such as Circuit City and Home Depot, all of them undermining or transforming the old-style mall.Too many store reinvention programs have launched with great fanfare, only to die unceremonious deaths.You might be wondering how pertinent promo priority 02 co uk rewards 2016 q4 codes really are to your busy, esteemed life of academia now.The challenge for a retailer is to create innovations that bring the vision to life, wowing those customers and generating profitable growth.

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Every 50 years or so, retailing undergoes this kind of disruption.
Meanwhile, traditional retailers are lagging badly.
Check out Youfit, Golds or Life Time Fitness.
Experts estimate that digital information already influences about 50 of store sales, and that number is growing rapidly.The list of possibilities is getting longer by the day.In this section you will find books and other resources for Primary, Secondary and Higher Education.Lets see what this might mean in practice.But with faster inventory turns and no physical store assets, Amazons return on invested capital is more than double the average for conventional retailers.Move too quickly, however, and you may not have adequate time for testing and learning.If traditional retailers hope to survive, they have to turn the one big feature that internet retailers lackstoresfrom a liability into an asset.Move too slowly and youre in danger of sacrificing leadership and scale, just at a time when easy secret santa gifts market share is shifting rapidly.Since then m has started to add 400 people to its existing team of 300.

Consumersup 10 percentage points over the past two years.