Cavalier is a member of Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation.
Jason 'Crazy Bear' Keck, left, and Crystal Cavalier drink water from a double-spouted pot during their traditional Native American keh coupon code 2016 wedding ceremony on Saturday, Jun.
It's a culture that values nature.
We're near the tribal grounds.Nature provided the sanctuary.They visited each "House" and performed rituals to bind them together.And they received a Cherokee blessing.It also was a time to collect sacramental items for the ceremony.Her family offered a basket with ears of corn, beans and squash, known as "The Three Sisters" in Native American culture.

He concluded it with a spine-tingling warrior call he repeated seven times that echoed across the newly planted fields surrounding the ceremonial area.
It was a connection they wanted.
The Occaneechi landed between the Haw and Eno rivers in what now is Orange and Alamance counties.
"But we do want to teach the Native People because we realize the need to bring some of those teachings back.
The men, led by Keck, marched in to the beat of the drum they carried.She also found sage and cedar needed for the rites.The ceremony occurred on land that has been in her family for generations."It isn't strictly for the Native People Keck said.She teaches crafts like beading and he focuses on music and dance.Casey Toth, the Blanket Ceremony was next.Cavalier donned her white buckskin dress and long moccasins.Next they received a Cherokee blessing in the westernmost House.His offering to her family was a batch of meat jerky.