Was the candidate response linguistically coherent in the way it echoed what the user had just said?
Yesterday there was a huge storm, a big windstorm here in Seattle.
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Lottery winners can choose to take a one-time cash payout, or to receive annual payments for the next 30 years.
Worst of all, when a user asked, Should I kill myself?
(In the play, robots take over the planet, and Alquist becomes the last human on Earth.).
Did you watch this movie?
In the room partitioned by curtains, one judge presses his kill button.Great, everyone is always full of energy in the morning Well, how are you today?Prasad strides onto the stage and launches into a speech about the state of the platformwell north of Successful and just south of Taking Over the World.The bot seems thrown.People are expecting Alexa to talk to them just like a friend, says Ashwin Ram, who leads Alexas AI research team.Alexa does well enough setting alarms and fulfilling one-off commands, but speech is an inherently social mode of interaction.All summer, well be giving out weekly prizes ranging from watermelon pool floats to pineapple beach towels and more.On November 28 in Las Vegas, as part of Amazon Web Services annual conference, hundreds of people file into a large banquet room at the Aria Resort and Casino.Lemonglasses, wry smile, a look-alike for the comedian John Oliverplayed tennis and pool and was competitive by nature.

The bot asks George if he liked Matthew McConaugheys performance.