Mugs are the #1 gift teachers would prefer not to get.
Looking waist magnet promo code for more gift ideas?, Anna.
I think teachers are some of the most amazing people!
let me start by saying that teachers dont go into their profession for gifts or even a pat on the back.Follow ME ON pinterest FOR more FUN, frugal inspiration!Target Gift Card Holder from Landeelu Who wouldnt love a Target gift card? .As a single teacher who still had a pretty high metabolism, I loved getting baked treats. When I was a new teacher, the word got out that I loved chocolate covered cherries.

Use them to make this darling thank you gift or if you arent into succulents, simply add the note to a regular potted plant.
(But please dont misunderstand me; thoughtful gifts made or chosen by children have a special place in a teachers heart.).
Unless youre a regular guest at the teachers home and know her style, avoid buying decorative frames, plaques, or other home decor.
I especially like the cool teacher one paired with a Cold Stone gift card.
Want to make it easy?As a former teacher myself, Ive got the inside scoop.An apple for the teacher is still a great idea!They take just a few minutes to write, but teachers treasure thoughtful notes from parents and students.These inexpensive succulents would work well and I love these darling little planter pots too! I still remember the little boy who brought me a little blue gem shaped like a heart. I have a special place in my heart for that mom who came to supervise afternoon recess.

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Tote-ally Awesome Tote from Skip to my Lou, what lady cant use a cute new tote bag? .
Help during art class.