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This new third edition features color photographs, the latest veterinary research on reproduction, and an affordable softcover binding.
BUY iodine swab sticks ON amazon The Tail wrap helps to keep Moms tail clean from all the fluids during whelping.
For treating inflammation of the external ear caused by bacterial, viral, and yeast infections Contains no antibiotics Destroys antibiotic-resistant organisms Epi-Otic is by far my favorite ear cleaner for dogs especially for Doodles and Poodles who need extra attention and a discount coupons to biltmore estate consistent ear care routine.Probios helps maintain a healthy appetite and should be used as part of a health maintenance program.Can be done at home with a cheek swab.It also costs the same as a 40lb bag of kibble and its healthier SO Why not use this?This test has been used by a lot of breeders with great results.You can expect increased production within 72 hours.An alternative source of colostrum, it helps support a strong immune system in the first days of life.HOW TO makuppy PEN OUT OF PVC pipes I buy handmade whelping pool covers and EZWhelp pool pads to make my life easier and Mamas life more comfortable and clean.The daily feeding rate should be divided into equal portions for each feeding.Miracle Nipple Large 2 pack For Larger Puppies miricle nipple video example Miracle Nipple Collection Large, Regular and Mini sizes Breeders Edge Oxy Mate Prenatal Vitamins Breeders Edge Oxy-Mate Prenatal is a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and selected herbs that are formulated for the.

Everything you need to know about puppies, broken down into easy-to-digest 5-15 minute lessons.
Buy the Seminar on DVD at m OR Watch Instantly with Amazon Video These are some of the best books I recommend for Dog Breeders. .
Especially if youre a newer dog breeder.I also use the wooden style whelping boxes once my puppies are older and too big for the pools.Use Probios at weaning and other diet changes, during and after antibiotic therapy, during hospital treatment.Dosages are given per pound of body weight.Buy Ezwhelp Whelping Pool abercrombie promo code september 2015 or Box Pads on Amazon!Plus Helpful and Printable Papers included in this Whelping Kit: Things to gather sheet, Temperature plotting sheet to predict the whelp within hours, Birth documentation chart, Weight chart for all puppies as they grow, Emergency contact sheet.Myra Savant Harris breeding seminar that she has given to clubs and breeders throughout the country is finally available as a comprehensive 8 hour recorded seminar.Some panting after whelping, especially during nursing is normal and is due to the utrus contracting but if she also has other symptoms thats when you should be concerned and administer calcium or just do it anyway.Electric Heating Pad Electrical Pet heating pad Two-Level Temperature Control MidWest iCrate Single Door Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates I like the metal Midwest iCrates best and the prices on Amazon are much better then the ones at the big box pet stores.

The Miracle Nipple Mini is designed for Neonate (newborn) squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks, mice, Persian type kittens, toy puppies with shorter snouts and other small mammals. .
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