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" Trump rally.
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Women in the World in Association with The New York Times witw.Most of them are social liberals who favor gay marriage and abortion.317 Between 1,200 317 and 2,000 protesters attended, starting outside Trump Plaza and continuing on Flagler Drive.Shot back Zuker, Your insults need work.

12 October 14 In Richmond, Virginia, several clashes broke out between protesters and Trump supporters.
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"Anti- Trump Alaskans talk unity, look ahead at candlelit gathering".Jackson, Hallie; Chuck, Elizabeth; Vitali, Ali (March 12, 2016).Wenzel, Joseph IV (November 11, 2016).Cohn often greeted visitors in a robe.A b Moyer, Justin.; Starrs, Jenny; Larimer, Sarah (March 11, 2016)."7 arrests made during anti- Trump rally in Indy".382 April 3 Protesters displayed a banner with the words "Impeach Trump " at the opening day game at Nationals Park.